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The transformation is the where RPGtoJ2EE takes the information in the Repository, combined with a paradigm for the type of transformation and creates one or more output source files. These files may be java, xml, xslt etc. depending on the specifications in the paradigm script driving the transformation. For instance a RPG program may produce only a single .Java file that represents the RPG logic transformed to Java. Whereas a data file definition may result in many Java files that are used to represent the Data access and record formats. A similar situation will exist with Display and print files.

[edit] Starting the transformation


The transformation is initiated by selecting the Transform action on the drop down menu. This will launch a process to take the profile repository information and combine it with it's designated paradigm to produce the resulting transformed code.

Transformation may be done for an entire Project, subject or an individual profile. Transformation is destructive in that any transformation results will overlay any prior transformation results, therefore care should be excercized before launching a transformation.

Transflormation Selection.png