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For any transformation project a repository is maintained of information regarding the objects needing transformation. This Repository is organized in a hierarchy of collection of Projects subdivided into subjects containing one or more profiles. The profile represents a single unit of work for transformation.. Such as a program or a file.

Within the profile the repository stores all the details about the object such as source code, statements used, symbols (Field names) etc. It’s from this repository information that the transformation occurs. No transformation can be done until the repository information has been loaded.

[edit] Loading the Repository

Pop-up-menu loadRepository.png

The Repository is loaded by selecting the Load Repository action on the drop down menu. This will launch a process to reach out the iSeries system to obtain information about the object identified in the Profile definition.

Repository loading is destructive of any previous loaded information and can be initiated for either a individual profile, subject or an entire project.

[edit] The Loading process

When loading the repository different actions occur depending on the type of object described by the profile.

RPG programs When the object is a RPG(LE) program the system launches a compile of the code using the environment LIBL provided in the profile. The resultant Compile listing is used to extract the code to transform. This is done to insure any imported code through /Copy books are included in the repository of code to be transformed.

Data files. Data files extract the File, Format, Field, access path definitions from the system . Display/Print files extract both the File, Format, Field information as well as source code.